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Bear Archery Bow Strings

The company's name “Bear Archery” comes from its founder, Fred Bear. Fred Bear learned archery on his own and became fascinated with the sport around the time of the Great Depression.


He then took on building and constructing his own archery materials and arrows as a hobby. He became such a fine crafter that his friends would have their gear made by him, and soon a company formed. The company's philosophy is that equipment should perform well above its price.

Bear Archery is mostly a company built around bow construction and its various affiliated gear, although they do have their own brand of bow string. Their brand of string is the Bear Contraband string. Contraband strings are relatively affordable, with quality added to the manufacturing process to ensure good performance.

Contraband strings incorporate a simple technology that greatly improves the tensile strength of the bow string. During the twisting process, while the fibers are being turned into bundles, an irregularly high amount of tension is applied to the strings. This is also known as pre-stretching the fibers, and the technology bears many merits with it.

Pre-stretching can also be done before the winding process. When the fibers are lined up, compressed along their width, and stretched along their length, the fibers become straighter and more aligned. This is now becoming a standard technology in bow string making. Contraband strings are treated with tension conditioning with reliable consistency.

Contraband strings perform best on Bear Archery equipment. The strings are put standard on all bows sold from the company to ensure maximum performing value from Bear Archery's bows. Contraband strings themselves can be used on virtually any bow out there, and with pleasing results. Contraband strings have even been used on Zebra bows.

Contraband strings can be found in many places. The string can be bought completely independent to Bear Archery's likeness, although, the string is mostly found on Bear Archery products. The bow string material works with the cams and limbs on composite bows to deliver a smooth, controlled experience. This is not to say that Contraband string is best for composite bows, however.

Among Bear Archery's recurve bow product lines, Contraband strings yet again make an appearance. This is generally because the string material and make is quality. This quality is mutual, regardless of the bow mechanism used. In many cases, there are string materials that are exclusively best for certain bows. Contraband strings, on the other hand, are made of synthetic, strong, lightweight material that can be mounted on any bow.

Bear Archery's products are somewhat premium in price, although they sport the highest possible quality for their respective categories. Contraband strings are no exception to the pattern, as they are very resilient and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The consistency over the life of the string remains relatively intact, with tension winding to thank. 

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