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Custom Bow Strings

Custom Bow Strings bear, to start with, the same merit as any other custom part made for a precision-based instrument.


Custom bow strings are commonly associated with expert archery, and form the top shelf of bow string selection in terms of price and quality. Strings like these feature a lot of what common strings cannot attempt at large scales of production. Thusly, prices are higher, but so is the refinement of these strings.

Custom strings can be made of virtually any material and can be made for a variety of different bows. Strings can be made for recurve bows, longbows, and various compound bows. Of course, with a varying bow architecture, different strings are the most optimal. This makes all the better case to contact a custom string maker to eliminate guess work in finding the optimal string for your bow.

Custom bow strings encompass one of two possible scenarios: either there is a store selling high quality strings not normally available on the market, or there is a custom shop producing string(s) by the order. The latter of the two options will yield better results, but is more expensive. The prior option will take an archer through countless stores, all with their own unique spin on string making.

Some features of custom made strings are better durability, no creep, no peep rotation, higher launching speed, quieter shots, custom colors, and innovative winding techniques. Depending on the material used and the way it was put together, an archer has many different options to choose from. Many custom strings even use two or three different materials spun together into a single string.

When choosing a custom string to put on a bow, one must consider the draw length and the width spanning between the two nocking points. From there, thickness and rigidity can be selected from to best suit the archer's style and technique. There are certain mutually beneficial features, however, that all archers seek in customized bow strings.

One favorable quality is weather resistance. There are bow strings that are wound with not only rigid material, but chemically resistant material to prevent natural wear. These strings are very strong against bad weather and repeated outdoor use.

Another favorable quality in custom bows is shock absorption. This makes the bow quieter, more stable, and less responsive to the snapback of a loosed bow string. It overall smooths the experience of shooting, while providing some sound camouflage against prey.

Custom bow strings can be made for any part of the bow. For traditional recurve bows, the only part of the bow concerning string is the bow string. For compound bows, however, there are usually additional cables used to enhance the shooting process. One can have a custom buss cable and control cable made for their bows in addition to having a custom bow string made for shooting.

Compound Bow Strings