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Hoyt Bow Strings

Hoyt is actually a bow manufacturer that specializes in cutting-edge composite and recurve bow design. Hoyt does not have its own proprietary string brand or method of producing strings. However, it does work closely in partnership with FUSE custom strings.


FUSE custom strings work with their own set of technologies, among the many technologies that Hoyt Bows already make use of. These strings are thought to be of much higher performance then most other bow string makes and brands. This is because they make use of Continuous Tension Technology, and a made-to-order business structure.

Continuous Tension Technology is a technology used by FUSE custom strings to produce much more refined strands within the bow string. When winding the string, the company utilizes winders and pullers that put much more tension on the strands then most conventional brands do. Generally, this produces a much more tightly fitting, refined product that is better equipped to be put under the repeated stress of drawing and shooting.

FUSE custom strings are wound tightly for a variety of reasons. One of them is that the string does not creep during use. String creeping is the slow morphing of a bow string over time to with a tendency towards the position of least stress. The string rotates and slackens, posing a hazard to the consistent accuracy most archers rely on.

In a likewise fashion, strings generally stretch during use. FUSE makes use of high-tension winding technology to ensure that strings do not slowly ween tension over time. Instead, the strings are pre-stretched to exhaust any possible slack that the fibrous material can develop. FUSE can be considered a sub-set of Hoyt bows, as they market their strings separately. Hoyt simply uses FUSE custom strings as their standard go-to for bow strings and bow string technology.

The company of Hoyt makes use of very highly refined technology that has evolved over the years to a continually optimal level. To meet the demands of this kind of cutting-edge technology, FUSE custom strings have to be optimal for the best bows. Thusly, Hoyt's or FUSE custom strings can be easily used to enhance the performance of many compound bows.

FUSE custom strings prove to be the optimal choice for a variety of applications. The technology is used on Hoyt's recurve bows and compound bows as well. For recurve bows, the simple benefits of low creep and twist serve an archer well. In more complex compound bows, the effects are seen in a multitude of ways. The strings are used for cabling as well, and provide additional performance in the ways of reducing slack and increasing reliability for the overall bow.
FUSE custom strings are certainly more expensive than most strings. This quality however merely reflects the extra care and technology that goes into making the string. The extra premium can be considered, then, as an extra investment in the life, performance, and consistency of one's bow.

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