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Octane Bow Strings

Octane is a bow company dedicated to the top performance in archery.


They produce bows, stabilizing equipment, quivers, rests, and, of course, strings. The strings they sell are referred as a sub-brand name: Backbone Strings.

These strings are hand made and offer the precision of machine winding. Octane has its own proprietary blend of materials that go into each bow string they produce, including Gore Performance Fibers. The strings are meant to last long and get a shot off the line with a strong followthrough.

Backbone strings are given with a free small container of Dalton Archery's high-speed bow wax. This is one of the only wax conditioners that can simply be applied, then taken off for cleaning and protecting purposes. The wax protects the string from the elements with a coated seal that fends off rain, extreme temperatures, and dirt.

A unique feature of Backbone strings is that they are made by individuals who verify the string's length to within a thousandth of an inch. The same is done for cables and support strings that support a compound bow mechanism. The precision and careful balance helps to synchronize the bowstring with its cable support system for optimal performance.

Another beneficial feature of Backbone strings is that they are twisted in such a way that even tension is placed across the entire bow string. This prevents tension from building up in one spot, causing quick breakage. Instead, a special winding method is used that prevents the separation of strands and magnifies the tensile strength in the string.

Octane's Backbone strings are also extremely consistent in diameter. This helps archers avoid inconsistent string sizes that make mounting arrows and peeps difficult. It also ensures consistent drawback and firing tension, as well speed and trajectory that don't have to be drastically readjusted with each new string.

The end loops on the string are also hand served. A small problem with machine serving is that it has to be done before the rest of the winding takes place, which can lead to estimations and calculations that blur out consistency in the string. Backbone strings are served with high quality material and digitally verified.

One of the chief factors eliminating peep rotation is the fact that Octane's Backbone strings are pre-stretched. The material itself is pre-stretched, then the string is stretched during construction. Creep is virtually eliminated when the factory puts each string under 450 pounds of pressure for 3 times longer than is required of the process. The extra time spent under tension exhausts the string of all its creep and twist tendencies.

It is clear that Octane takes great care in producing strings for both the areas of performance and endurance. To ensure the customer that they are covered, Octane offers a Backbone 2-year warranty for each string that they sell. Although they don't receive very many complaints regarding their strings and cables.

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