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PSE Bow Strings

PSE is actually a bow company and does not produce its own proprietary brand of strings.


Instead it contracts with string producers that produce strings that are optimal for their models. PSE Bow Strings should refer to strings that are best used for PSE Bows, including the stock brands and brands sold with PSE Bows.

PSE doesn't appear to sell certain types of models of string, but rather features different types on their different models. A PSE MoneyMaker Hybrid bow will feature a different set of strings than a Mach X, for example. This is mostly due to the subtle nuances in design that require different specifications. For this reason, PSE features bow strings that match each model on purchase.

As the bow generally lightens, so does the string. This is to maintain the balance between the power of the string and the ability of the bow to absorb recoil from the snapping string. Lighter strings are simply wound thinner or with thinner materials. This does not speak for the strength of an individual bow string, but relatively thinner bow strings will be less powerful.

Some PSE Bow designs allow an archer smoother firing for repeat-fire applications. The bow is made heavier with lighter string material to allow an archer more control over its stability. This can be likened to producing a heavier gun with a lighter bullet. The extra weight of the bow also transfers more of the mechanical energy into the arrow, rather than fluttering around the bow.

PSE does sell string bundles,without specifically listing the type or brand of the strings sold in the set. Rather, PSE marks the specifications of the strings and cables. A string and cable set will be sold for a particular model, allowing the company to optimize bow performance through matching strings and bows properly.

Many PSE bow users will buy aftermarket products to soup up their bow for their own needs. This includes string selection and cable selection as well. It is not uncommon to see a PSE bow user to put a set of Zebra strings and cables on a typical PSE bow. Some users dislike the stock strings featured standard on PSE bows.

It can be said that standard stock strings used for PSE bows are the optimum performers for each particular model. That would be saying, however, that each archer seeks the same performance from their bow. Instead, the strings featured on each individual bow model are suited to most users, but certainly not all.

There is a selection of bow strings that benefit all compound bow archers, regardless of their performance. These would be strings make of High-Modulus Polyethylene material and Dacron, to same some favorited materials. There are, however, archers out there that put Kevlar strings on their compound bows, despite their discouraged use on compound bows.

Compound Bow Strings