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Vapor Trail Bow Strings

Vapor Trail is an archery company that produces entirely custom archery products.


Vapor Trail differs from the standard archery retailer in that it features a standard set of products, and an open consulting platform through with a customer can design their own products, for not much more than a standard model. By “models”, the term defines archery accessories and parts, not a whole bow.

Vapor Trails doesn't simply make bow strings, but also makes other accessory parts. The company makes sights, shelf pads, rests, and other archery aid products. Vapor Trails also makes strings to order, for archers that want a string that is formulated just for them.

In ordering a string, one reports their bow make, style, dimensions, and other specifics on construction. Then a series of options, like length, and string color can be selected from. The result is a string that is formulated optimal to the bow of the archer, with all the possible options they desire, mailed right to their door.

Vapor Trail strings feature a few advantages that make their brand preferable to other brands to some archers. One of the main features is that the custom string optimization doesn't have to run up a large cost for the archer. This is because the company produces strings for a large audience and has made the custom process very efficient.

Vapor Trail strings are also very easy to “break-in”. The company notes that creep and twist can be eliminated from strings with just a few practice shots making their practical use much more convenient and reliable. This capability is the result of pre-stretching the fibrous material that goes into producing Vapor Trail strings. The lack of slack allows for a nearly unchanging final product.

The strings are also reported to give an arrow 10 feet per second more speed over the conventional stock strings. This is due to the high tension resulting from pre-stretched materials, and the tighter winding that is employed because of that. The more rigid material reflects more of the stored energy back into the arrow upon loosing the bow.

The exhausting conditions applied to these bow strings also makes them resistant to other stressing conditions. Overall, the bow strings last longer under repeated use, damage, and friction on the strings. They are also considered to be weather-resistant, in addition to the near unaltered performance they exhibit in extreme temperature conditions.

Vapor Trail bow strings are made using synthetic materials almost exclusively. As a company that partly sells reliability, organic compounds are not suitable for this grade of precision. Synthetic materials are also much stronger. High-Modulus Polyethylene, for example, proves to be both a rigid and resilient material for a variety of applications. HMPE is even used for fishing line, where tensive capacity makes the difference between catching and losing a fish. Other materials like Vectran and Dacron B-50 are used as well.

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