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Zebra Bow Strings

Zebra Barracuda is a company that makes archery bow strings and regularly invests in research regarding bow string production. Zebra bow strings are known for their patented technology, the “zebra twist”. The result is a high performance bow string used by many professionals.


Zebra makes use of a technology named the “Z-S Counter-Twist Technology”. In this paradigm, two strands are created. One of the strands consists of fibers spun in one direction, while the other strand is spun in the opposite direction. These opposing bundles are then twisted together. The contradicting fibrous spin of either strand cancels out any turn tendency in the bowstring.

One of the benefits of this type of string is that there is no peep rotation. This is a problem that occurs with normal strings in which the archer's sight on the bow twists out of place due to repeated wear. Zebra strings pull straight back every time, eliminating the issue of peep rotation.

Another benefit is that the string is much more stable. With twisting rotation removed from normal operation, archers can get much better performance out of their strings. The material's assembly, not surprisingly, is much more rigid as the result of the interlocking design. Zebra strings are much less prone to unraveling.

These bowstrings are produced using pre-stretched material. Bow strings, to varying degrees, will stretch under the chronic strain of tension, causing a little bit of slack in the string. Zebra strings make use of materials that are already stretched to reduce changing effects in the string that occur over time.

The Zebra design in bow strings makes for a variety of innovations that can be made upon the original design. Barracuda bowstrings are among the newest edition to the Zebra line. Barracuda strings make use of the counter-twist technology and are taken through an extensive pre-stretching process to eliminate creep in the string before it is mounted on the bow.

Zebra bow strings can now be found standard on many compound bows, including the Mathews Conquest Apex series and the 2007 Mathews Drenalin bows. Zebra strings are seen as mid-high quality strings. The design is rugged, innovative, but deviates little due to practical barriers. The bow strings can be sworn by for many archers, professional and amateur.

Jeff Hopkins is one such professional that chooses Zebra strings for his shooting purposes. Jeff is the 2005 ASA Shooter of the Year. He favors Zebra ZS Twist bowstrings for their consistent performance and their resistance to outdoor weather conditions. Shooting duo Jesse and Ginger Morehead use Zebra strings on the shooting range and out in the field for hunting.

Zebra strings are manufactured in a variety of lengths, a few widths, and many different colors. Different colors are available for different purposes. One archer may not want their string to stand out in the hunting field. Another archer may want to have a bright fluorescent string that is easy to see in the dark. Some archers, just want to match their bow with a stylish string.

Zebra bow strings can be called compound strings for two purposes. One of the purposes is that Zebra strings are optimal for replacing a string on a compound bow. Another reason is that the material is strategically blended in makeup for maximum performance. Zebra bow strings are typically made with a blend of Vectran and HMPE, or High-Modulus Polyethylene.

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