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Bowstring and Cables for Champion Diablo - G3 is now offering quality compound bowstrings and cables for the Diablo - G3 by Champion. Our proprietary bowstring technologies improve bow performance and give even the most demanding bowhunter or archer the best durability for an unbeatable price of $69.99! Adding to the durability we use Power Grip Center Servings to better grip the string while also giving you better nock fitment. These replacement bowstrings and cables are designed to fit exactly to the factory specification of your Diablo - G3 by Champion. Built with a two color twist of Olive and Sand BCY D97 material these strings and cables will pair up with whatever finish your Diablo - G3 may have. offers a 90 day warranty against any peep rotation, serving separation, or creep, allowing you the peace of mind that Huntline Bowstrings will get the job done.

For more information regarding Huntline Bowstrings or contact us at 1-877-893-7155.

You can find the very best replacement custom bowstring and cables for your Diablo - G3 by Champion at

Complete Set
1 Cam String
Length: 95 3/8
Buss Cable
Length: 38 5/8

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