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Crossbow String for Parker Challenger/Challenger 2

Huntline-X Bowstrings from are an amazing upgrade for the Parker Challenger/Challenger 2, meeting the exact specifications from the factory. Utilizing our exclusive build processes and the best material from BCY fibers, Huntline-X Bowstrings are sure to make your archery experience more enjoyable. These durable crossbow strings and cables are available now at an unbeatable price point of $79.99.

Built in a two color camo twist of Olive and Sand these strings are sure to match the finish of your Parker Challenger/Challenger 2 crossbow.

To learn more about Huntline-X Bowstrings contact us at 1-877-893-7155.

To find all the very best custom bowstrings and cables for your Parker Challenger/Challenger 2 visit

Complete Set
2 Cam String
Length: 31 5/8
Buss Cable
Length: 23

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