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Replacement Crossbow String and cables for Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger now offers Huntline-X bowstrings and cables for your Lady Ranger crossbow by Wicked Ridge. This string and cable system is made to the exact specifications from the factory using BCY D97 materials. Using the same string building processes mastered by the custom bowstring experts at America's Best Bowstrings you will find quality performance at an unbeatable price of $79.99. With our proprietary Dura-Serv technology we have fixed the common center serving wear you will find on most crossbow center servings. Available in a Sand and Olive 2 color twist these replacement bowstrings will be sure to match the finish with your Lady Ranger crossbow.

Huntline-X crossbow strings are backed by a 90 day hassle free warranty against serving separation and creep.

To find out more about and Huntline-X crossbow strings contact us at 1-877-893-7155.

To learn about the very best custom bowstrings and cables for your Lady Ranger by Wicked Ridge crossbow visit

Complete Set
2 Cam String
Length: 34
Buss Cable
Length: 23 7/8

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