Bowstrings and Cables for PSE Fire-Flite Maxis #9 and our new Huntline Bowstrings will be the best bowstring and cable system you will find for the low price of $69.99. Meeting factory specifications these strings and cables will fit and tune with your PSE Fire-Flite Maxis #9 perfectly. Using a high quality BCY D97 Fiber we ensure that our building process will lead to more enjoyable shooting for any bowhunter or archer. If you have experienced peep twist or you are always having to adjust your bow to stay in tune, be sure to try our Huntline Bowstrings which will eliminate these problematic issues.

Our bowstrings and cables are available in a 2 color twist of Olive and Sand resulting in a very sharp camouflage color sure to match your Fire-Flite Maxis #9.

For more info on Huntline Bowstrings please be sure to contact us at 1-877-893-7155.

To learn about the very best custom bowstrings and cables for your Fire-Flite Maxis #9 by PSE please visit

Complete Set
2 Cam String
Length: 58 1/2
Buss Cable
Length: 38 1/2

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