Crossbow String and cables for Darton Toxin 150

Huntline-X Bowstrings will give you extraordinary value for a set of replacement crossbow strings for the Toxin 150 by Darton at a price of $69.99. Utilizing our advanced sting building processes along with quality BCY D97 fiber we deliver a string and cable system that virtually eliminate serving separation and creep. Huntline-X crossbow strings are also equipped with our exclusive Dura-Serv technology which prevents excessive wear on the center serving.

This replacement bow string and cable set comes in a 2 color twist of Sand and Olive leaving a very camouflaged finish sure to match your Darton Toxin 150 crossbow.

To find out more about and Huntline-X crossbow strings contact us at 1-877-893-7155.

To learn about the very best custom bowstrings and cables for your Toxin 150 by Darton crossbow visit

Complete Set
2 Cam String
Length: 36 7/8
Buss Cable
Length: 18 3/8

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