Bowstrings and Cables for Martin Magnum 05-06 delivers the very best bowstrings and cables you can put on your Magnum 05-06 by Martin for an unbeatable price of $69.99]. Our Huntline Bowstrings are built to deliver a durable and versatile string option for the archer that doesn’t require any frills. Huntline Bowstrings are built in the same high-end manufacturing facility that produces all of America’s Best Bowstrings Custom String Series. Huntline’s are also made from high quality BCY D97 Material. Our build process ensures that your bowstrings and cables will virtually eliminate peep rotation and will require minimal adjustments upon installation.

Available in a 2 color twist of Olive and Sand this string set will match cleanly with just about any bow finish that is out there including your Magnum 05-06. Huntline Bowstrings will also come equipped with factory specified speed nocks (if needed). We also use Power Grip Center Serving which grips to the string tightly to be more durable and provide better nock fit.

To learn more about and Huntline Bowstrings please be sure to call us at 1-877-893-7155.

To learn about the very best custom bowstrings and cables for your Magnum 05-06 by Martin please visit

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